Christina Lake Aquatic Treatment Centre

Project Size
883 sq.ft.
Completion Date:
Winter 2010
Mechanical Contractor:

The Christina Lake Aquatic Sewage Treatment Center provides a biological, plant based sewage treatment center for the Christina Living Arts Center and future surrounding facilities. Sewage enters the building and is progressively treated and cleaned by plants and organisms located in open tanks within the building. The treated effluent is then discharged to a septic field.

Mechanically, the challenge involved keeping the relative humidity below condensation levels. A standard air-to-water domestic hot water heat pump is used in an innovative fashion to provide hot water heating for the radiant floor system as well as keeping the sewage tanks within an acceptable temperature range. The heat pump also provides dehumidification and exhaust capacities. Backup heating is provided by an electric boiler. The facility is designed to maximize passive solar heating with large expanses of South facing glazing.

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