Best Western Kelowna 2009 LEED Phase 3 Addition

LEED Certification Level
Project Size
7,381 sq.ft.
Completion Date:
Winter 2010
Raymond de Beeld Architect

Rocky Point Engineering acted as the LEED Coordinator for the Best Western Kelowna which involved: communication with the general contractor, assistance with LEED specific specifications, energy modeling, and assembling the complete LEED package for submission to the CaGBC. Rocky Point Engineering was also involved in the design of the geoexchange well system.

The mechanical systems feature an open-well geoexchange system that supplies and rejects heat, via heat exchangers, to the building's main hydronic loop. The building is served by a distributed heat pump loop with one heat pump serving each suite. Switches have been installed in the door frames to automatically shut-off the heat pumps when the exterior suite door is open to prevent unnecessary heating and cooling of the great outdoors.

In addition, the geoexchange based distributed heat pump loop creates hot water to preheat the domestic hot water system. Water efficient fixtures and irrigation complete the water efficiency component of this projet. As part of the education and outreach program of the facility, the owners will develop an interpretive tour of the xeriscaping garden which will be installed onsite.

Selecting recycled and low emitting finishes for the project proved to be more challenging than usual since all interior finishes and design must be approved by the Best Western franchise design standards.

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