Parkinson Activity Centre

Project Size
13,285 sq.ft.
Completion Date:
Meiklejohn Architects Inc.

Rocky Point Engineering was retained by the City of Kelowna to provide schematic design level mechanical engineering and green building consulting services for the new Parkinson Activity Centre. Rocky Point Engineering worked closely with Meiklejohn Architects to create an innovative architectural building envelope which functions as a passive component of the mechanical system.

A central solar chimney drives the natural ventilation process while also serving as a central duct and pipe chase thus simplifying the mechanical layout and reducing costs. Radiant floor heating and cooling throughout the building will provide a warm and comfortable environment for the seniors occupying the space. Simple and efficient air-to-water heat pumps provide the hot and chilled water to feed the radiant floor system. A central heat recovery unit will reduce the fresh air heating and cooling loads while acting as both the central washroom exhaust system and the night purge/pre-cooling system. This type of mechanical/architectural synergy can only be achieved through the integrated design process.

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